Advantages of Telemedicine for patients

Telemedicine has numerous benefits for patients looking for an easy and efficient solution to healthcare problems. Living in remote locations causes patients transportation problems and difficult access to healthcare services.…


What is Telemedicine?

Nowadays, the development of technology supports processes and services we have been using since we only remember. One of them is telemedicine, which gives a brand new perspective on healthcare,…

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Interview with Fabrice Angelini

A few days ago I’ve published an interview with Maneesh Juneja – one of the most influential people in Digital Health. Now, I’ve asked the same questions Fabrice Angelini – Trainer and Digital Projects Manager SEUR at Thermo Fisher Scientific. I invite you to read this interesting interview with a person who for many years has been operating in a medical environment in various positions. Same questions, different point of view.



How can telemedicine solutions change the world we know?

As technological developments continue, it comes as no surprise that we can observe more and more connections between medicine and technology. One of the most innovative and game-changing inventions is telemedicine, which gives a brand new perspective on healthcare, allowing remote diagnosis and treatment of patients based on telecommunications technology rather than in person… (more…)

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