Telemedicine has numerous benefits for patients looking for an easy and efficient solution to healthcare problems. Living in remote locations causes patients transportation problems and difficult access to healthcare services. Telemedicine provides solutions to these problems and leaves patients feeling happier and more satisfied.

Our research showed that 8 out of 10 problems are solved during the first teleconsultation. Based on our AI, we have collected the most important figures that demonstrate the effectiveness of teleconsultation for the most common symptoms.

Advantages of Telemedicine for patients:

Saving time

Patients using telemedicine initiatives save time by not having to wait for checkups or taking days off at work. Checkups are up to 20% faster and are always straight to the point, there are also 38% fewer hospital admissions and 31% fewer hospital readmissions thanks to this system. Recent studies and surveys show that patients prefer easy access to healthcare services over in-person interactions with providers. Three-quarters of consumers say that they are comfortable with communicating with doctors through technology instead of seeing them in person. Video conferencing and smartphone apps allow telemedicine to be more convenient for the patient and easily connect them to their providers.

Lower healthcare costs

Electronic data storage and monitoring services significantly reduce healthcare costs, saving money for your patients and insurance companies. Regular checkups and visits aren’t needed as often which cuts costs of transportation expenses and caring for patients. One study showed that telemedicine care had 19% savings over inpatient care cost.

Patient engagement

Telemedicine helps patients maintain appointments and control their schedules. It also helps them stay healthy and
engaged in their own personal healthcare. The availability of doctors leaves patients feeling reassured and satisfied. It’s much easier for them to reach out with questions, control any warning signs and maintain regular virtual visits. People are comfortable with the idea of being in control of their health and being treated by virtual technology.

Specialist Access

Quick access to specialists for patients in remote areas is a huge advantage of telemedicine. For every 100,000 rural patients in the United States, only 43 specialists are available. Thanks to telemedicine all patients will have easy access and a variety of options, regardless of their location. Whenever a problem occurs trusted specialists are always available with immediate help and directions. Patients can contact their doctors through the internet even if they are on the other side of the world.

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In conclusion, telemedicine provides patients with a variety of advantages. It gives them options to different doctors who are always available and helps rural patients save time. It also cuts costs for insurers while leaving the patient satisfied with an innovative solution and network. Patients have quick access to their schedules and are in control of their health and chronic health problems. Improving a patient’s satisfaction is the main priority and with telemedicine, it is guaranteed that they will be happier with an easy and convenient solution.

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