Doctors available in 15 minutes? Is it possible? Taking into consideration stationary visits – almost unbelievable, but nowadays people have a lot more options. Teleconsultations are one of them and year by year they are chosen by more and more patients (the early predictions mentioned in 2018 7 million people worldwide being familiar and trying them)1.

Teleconsultations – fast, but still effective platform provides teleconsultations which are effective, more affordable (both for providers and users) and available almost anytime, anywhere, in 6 most common languages (Polish, English, Czech, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian). platform enables remote visits with doctors in 15 minutes, 24 hours, 7 days a week. With the help of AI system, collecting patient’s medical history and sickness symptoms and making doctor’s work easier and more effective. Teleconsultations last generally up to 30% faster than stationary consultations with doctor.

SLA as a guarantee of availability

Telemedico, as a company, offers individual approach to all of its business partners. Taking into consideration the need to provide services accessibility (especially among insurance and assistance companies), Telemedico can adapt Service Level Agreement to all the expectations of its clients. The average time of doctor’s availability included in  SLA contract is 2 hours, but everything is a subject to individual contract negotiations.

Who uses teleconsultations most often?

The number of teleconsultations has been growing rapidly month by month. Our telemedical platform operates 20 000 eVisits each month and this number is still growing. Groups, which use teleconsultations most often, are inhabitants of sparsely populated areas, people living in villages, travellers and young mothers. All of this groups prefer remote consultations for different reasons but, due to the fact that without teleconsultations they could have big problems with taking care of their health, the possibility of eVisits is for them the key factor when choosing insurance company. People who travel to distant places can have problems with communicating with doctors because of language barriers. Using and understanding medical vocabulary can cause many problems and stress. Providing teleconsultations all over the world, without any geographical barriers, for the same price is a huge advantage especially for insurance and assistance companies. Organizing stationary consultations in different countries can be more expensive and problematic, but so often unnecessary. Travellers have most common health problems and in these cases eVisits are sufficient and fully effective.

What if 6 languages are insufficient…?

What happens, if a person wants to have teleconsultation in different language, not provided by platform? Thanks to our partners who are managing huge doctors networks – providing services in 16 languages (even Arabic or Hindi), Telemedico can easily organize doctor talking in different language as well. It is also another reason for companies, which cooperate with Telemedico, to provide platform to their clients. Attracting customers from previously unreachable regions with such platform is easier than ever.

Real value of platform

Internet of Things is helping in providing low-cost healthcare services. It is an advantage both for administrators of telemedical platform and their users (patients). 24/7 availability of such tools is currently perceived as a standard for highly demanding clients. offers much more to meet expectations of its business partners. Doctors speaking in 6 languages (or even more, if needed) and use of artificial intelligence in collecting patients’ medical history and sickness symptoms – these are the real value of the platform. Adapting to the clients’ business requirements, Telemedico offers 2 different teleconsultations models. The first one – calendar model – guarantees 15-20 minutes waiting time, 24/7. The second one – immediate – provides 2-3 minutes of waiting time, just after patient’s request. In this model operator, completing patient’s data, is still on the phone, even during the teleconsultation. Everything can be settled with the insurance company at the stage of determining the terms of the contract.

Thanks to all this benefits, teleconsultations are more effective, less expensive and more convenient than ever.



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