Telemedicine medical consultation is a relatively young service, appreciated mainly by the private healthcare sector, but for several months it has been successfully implemented to the Polish market as part of primary healthcare services. In the face of the risk of a pandemic that causes infection with an aerosol transmitted virus, the possibility of obtaining professional advice from a specialist without contact with the environment perfectly fits into global needs. Telemedicine consultations not only limit the contact of a healthy person with infected people but also allow to minimize the risk of disease development and negative socio-economic consequences.
The most important factor that should be emphasized when talking about telemedicine consultations is the security of providing such a service for patients and doctors. Security guaranteed by a properly designed telemedical platform system and compliance with remote consultation standards.

In the face of growing anxiety associated with difficulties in interpreting the first symptoms of the disease, the doctor will remotely conduct a medical interview with the patient and direct the further process, issuing appropriate treatment recommendations or referring to a sanitary-epidemiological station or an infectious hospital.

Exploiting the potential of telemedicine will allow to limit the spread of the disease, minimize patients’ fears, and implement quick and effective treatment.

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