Thanks to our symptom checker it’s easier to find the right physician for each individual patient. It analyzes each problem and symptom in a way that allows physicians to determine if the patient can be completely treated online or if an offline visit is needed.

Telemedicine and Artificial Intelligence

Paweł Sieczkiewicz – CEO of Telemedico had 7 minutes speech in which he explained how our solution saves time, money and effort for both – the customers and insurance companies. If you want to check how our solution works, check the video below:


How does our symptom checker work?

Our medical checkup consists of adding basic information about the patient (name, gender) and listing all of their symptoms. Patients themselves can run this checkup and add their symptoms or it can be done by the telemedical hotline. Doctors are provided with clearer and more detailed information about the patient with our advanced AI. Symptoms are studied and data is collected from insurance companies which allow the patient to be consulted with the correct doctor in one visit. Patients can choose the consultation channel, language and date of their consultation in just a few minutes.

After booking a consultation the patient is asked for more details about their health and can even provide any medical documentation. Our system gives physicians recommendations based on the symptoms provided by the patient while also providing them with treatment advice or more information about the diagnosis. Thanks to this we have decreased the usage time of a doctor per consultation by 22%. On average doctors are making one more consultation per hour in comparison to the beginning of our services.

The effectiveness of telemedicine and AI


Patients have access to any information they need at any time about their medical history and doctors are presented previous consultation information while treating patients who have previously had any visits. Thanks to the internet connection you can talk with a doctor all around the world. We are helping insurance companies decrease their costs (fewer offline medical treatments-few costs for insurers), save time and leave patients feeling satisfied.

If you want to know more about our symptom checker for insurance companies, click this link and fill the form.

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