Telemedicine is used and heavily relied on in different medical fields. It saves money, time and lives. It has transformed many people’s everyday lives and also has been used in more uncommon scenarios such as astronauts in space. If you are thinking about implementing Telemedicine to your business model, check those use cases.

Telemedicine and NASA

Doctors have always communicated with the crews to guide them and treat minor illness in space. Urgent care is often needed on long-duration missions. Thanks to telemedicine doctors are able to diagnose and care for patients during their training and launch.

Telemedicine enables good communication and provides medical support on each mission. A team of NASA’s doctors plans all medical care prior to a mission and also trains crew members to manage their care. They are shown all medical assets and presented foreseeable medical problems in the case of any future emergencies. Rapid learning and good communication skills are essential before launches.

If an emergency does take place in space a BME sets up a secure connection for the doctor to video conference with the astronaut and gives his directions on how to proceed. NASA’s experience with telemedicine is used all around the world, from Antarctica to rural areas in the US. Space exploration may help discover and create a new medical finding that will change healthcare on Earth.

Telemedicine in Polish Football Association

Working with the national team is specific due to the fact that direct contact with the players is possible only from the training camp to the training camp. Therefore, the monitoring of players between camps is very important. For this purpose, telemedicine is widely used by the staff of the Polish national team.

Relying on the words of Dr Rzepka (fitness coach of Polish national team) – it is important for us to verify the planned training workloads which depend on how much players are playing during a season and their starting workloads. The point is to optimally function in the field of physical preparation while they are with the national team.” – he explained.

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Telemedicine in rural areas

Telemedicine has transformed in-school care for remote communities in Tennessee. Over 11,000 telemedicine encounter visits were completed, Sevier County has gone 5 years without a school closure due to seasonal flu. Students now receive immediate diagnosis and treatment for illnesses such a strep throat or the flu. Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure are also now being tracked and monitored. All in all the community is promoting education and understanding the importance of controlling our health.

Advanced practice nurses reported professional development and connectedness with telemedicine capability. People with telemedicine access in Missouri reported both current and potential applications of technology to practice while those without telemedicine viewed telemedicine as supportive patient care and professional satisfaction.




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