DIA – Digital Insurance Agenda in Amsterdam is a must-see event for every innovative company and start-up from an insurance-medical sector. It took place on 16’th and 17’th of May 2018. We are proud that we were present and had the opportunity to talk about our advanced AI system for telemedical purposes.

About DIA

The conference was breathtaking. 50+ selected companies from all over the world and over 1000 people. All gathered in these two days to exchange innovations and talk about future of insurance and medical sector. Impressive technologies, many great people and a lot of business opportunities.


This year the main subjects of DIA were AI and machine learning, consumer apps, Big Data, and customer experience. There was no place for static presentations – all the companies were showing their solutions as a live event. This gave us a better understanding of their technologies and was more interesting to see them working in real time.

Our presentation

These subjects created perfect opportunity to show our AI Platform. Paweł Sieczkiewicz – CEO of Telemedico had 7 minutes speech in which he explained how our solution saves time, money and effort for both – the customers and insurance companies.

You can watch our presentation here.

Thanks to it even ordinary call center worker can determine with full confidence whether the customer needs a visit with a doctor or just to call him is enough. Many people were interested in our solution, and we’ve got a lot of questions afterwards. But this isn’t the time to talk about it, so let’s leave it for now and focus back on the DIA.

Except us, there were many other interesting companies, talking about different aspects of medicine and insurances. The ones we liked the most are:

Neurotrack (USA): Transforming detection and prevention of memory loss
Buzzvault (UK): Digital asset vault built on the blockchain, enabling intelligent home insurance
Pixoneye (Israel): Predicting key life events to deliver relevant insurance in real time
BetterTradeOff (Singapore): Upgrading financial planning to become life planning

schedule demo telemedico

Technology is for people

What was great about this year’s DIA is that we all agreed that technology must help customers in first place. And as more and more companies rolled out their presentations we understood everybody takes it seriously. Well designed and customer-centered technology is the source of many win-win situations. If we save our customers effort and deliver high-quality services, we will gain their trust and make them pleased, so… They will feel better and continue to use our services. It was great to hear that everyone is on the same side and provide customer-centered products and services. That’s our main conclusion from the 2018 DIA in Amsterdam.

We are looking forward to next opportunities to show Telemedico Platform and discover other companies and business partners working together to improve medical and insurance services.

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