One of our most exciting events this year by far was networking conference that took place in Chengdu, China. We’ve received a special invitation from Chinese Government and from Polish International Trade Agency, and so we participated in this great event from 17’th to 20’th May 2018.

Where investors meet technology

The main goal of this conference was connecting European health industry scaleups with Chinese business partners and investors. This wasn’t an ordinary event where companies show their products and services. It was focused to produce effective networking possibilities. And so it did.


We could choose a partner with whom we wanted to talk about common opportunities and simply sit down by the table and… have chat. And it worked out very well. Our goal was to meet with insurance companies representatives and explain benefits of our AI based technology. Many of our interlocutors turned out to be highly interested. In the end, we have finished with many valuable contacts that promise good, future cooperation. Our CEO Paweł Sieczkiewicz was very pleased! Chinese market turned out to be the perfect place for our Telemedicine AI Platform.

Opportunities in China

Speaking of market, we were amazed by how fast new technologies grow up in China. However, we have learned about differences between health services quality in different parts of the country. Hospitals outside the industrial zones have no chance to pursue the quality of the best ones. And here’s where we see great opportunity for our technology to improve this situation. There’s also other, the very good reason for us to join Chinese market, which is… China itself!

That’s because Chinese people are well orientated in new technologies and use them every day. Moreover, the country is fairly big and full of non-industrial places, where it’s hard for people to visit doctors as often as they should. That’s another big opportunity to our telemedicine services. However… there is at least one more: people of China travel a lot inside and outside the country. During their travels, they want to keep in touch with their doctors in case they suffer from unexpected health issues. Our Telemedicine AI Platform can solve these problems.

New technologies improving people’s health

So there we are – 3 days of very effective networking and discovering new possibilities for Telemedico in China.


We are amazed of this beautiful country – it’s people and rapidly growing market. We are proud to be one of about 10 companies from Europe that took part in this event. It was great opportunity to share informations about our telemedicine solution and gain new, valuable contacts. It’s very uplifting feeling, knowing we can improve health condition and decrease effort of hundreds of thousands people in China. And we’re looking forward to doing so!

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