AI omnipresent in healthcare by 2025? Over 50% of respondents – executives from healthcare companies leveraging AI think so. Following more than 25% of respondents believe that AI will be nearly omnipresent in healthcare by 2025. Joel Barthelemy – CEO of GlobalMed, a telemedicine technology vendor, claimed that AI can definitely improve eHealth and transform primary care via telemedicine. He also stated that, due to machine learning, AI engines are able to take over much of GP doctors daily duties. We completely agree with such statements and are constantly developing our Artificial Intelligence system – one of the most important Telemedico’s products.


How to describe Telemedico’s AI system?

Artificial Intelligence is a subject that is widely discussed not only by professionals, but also wider public. However, not everyone knows that AI systems can take various forms and deal with various tasks. We decided to describe our AI system by example in order to let everyone understand our concept and its essence. Leading through all the stages of our system, we will be able to thoroughly discuss all the capabilities of our AI.


Telemedico’s AI system – the whole process

Telemedico’s AI system is used mainly in the process of teleconsultations. How does it look like? Assuming you are ill – after selecting gender and entering age, our system asks you to write all your symptoms. You can write it using full sentences or enumerate them shortly – headache, fever etc. Our AI system extracts individual symptoms from your statement. It  is highly probable that you might have forgotten about something – thanks to Telemedico’s AI system you will receive hints on the remaining possible symptoms. Our AI has a system of deepening questions as well, thanks to which the doctor receives complete information about the patient’s health. You can be asked when the fever started or if you have sore throat as well. Deepening questions you get are a result of your recent answers during teleconsultations. The next stage of the whole process is choosing specialization. It is the AI system that chooses the appropriate doctor from all possible specializations (not only GP doctor, but also cardiologist, orthopaedist etc.). A similar process  helps to decide whether individual case can be solved by teleconsultations or not and extracts “life-threatening” cases. The input to the algorithm are in such cases historical teleconsultations and medical experts opinions. They are calculated using machine-learning model, which classifies whether a given problem can be solved during teleconsultation or not.


The effectiveness of Telemedico’s AI system

AI system is highly effective, but it is still learning. On each stage you can agree with the Telemedico’s AI or disagree and choose more appropriate option. It is also possible to attach all the medical documentation which can be useful during teleconsultation. All these information let AI suggest the most probable diagnosis for you. It is always doctor’s decision if the suggestion is right or not. Taking into account the amount of data in AI system, its effectiveness is rising continuously.


Bright future for Telemedico’s AI system

Our AI system is still being developed by adding new functionalities to its engine. In the nearest future the form of “conversation” between patients and Telemedico’s system will be replaced by an interactive bot. It will allow you to conduct an optimized voice conversation based on the questions, that you currently have to fill in manually during teleconsultation. One of the latest features that we introduced is the possibility of selling AI as a separate product – as the part of universal API. What does it mean? We can separate every element of AI – diagnosis recommendations, display of deepening questions, symptoms suggestions, qualification for teleconsultation etc. It gives our business partners a lot more options to use AI system. The AI setup is straightforward. After the decision regarding the scope of use of AI, it will take us only 3 days to setup AI system.


The need to be up-to-date with latest telehealth solutions

Taking into consideration the results of surveys conducted among healthcare providers and institutions, more than 50% ranked telemedicine as the most important or one of the most important priorities in their practice. AI systems, as the next-gen telehealth, in the nearest future will not be a one of the possible solutions – it will be “a must-have”. The clue is to have the AI system and gather sufficient amount of data. The sooner the system implementation process is carried out, the more data is collected – making the system more efficient.

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