The popularity of teleconsultations is growing constantly. It is estimated that 30 000 000 hospital visits yearly will be avoided by the use of teleconsultations. In a couple of years, companies will simply need to have teleconsultations in their service portfolio not only to gain new clients, but also not to lose their current ones. Telemedico, in order to meet the expectations of its partners, introduces an universal API. Thanks to this solution, system integration will be even simpler and faster than it was.


Universal API – what is it?

Generally speaking, universal API is a programming interface. Its main functionality is system integration. How did this process look like so far? In each case, it was prepared individually. Currently, due to universal API, the process will be so much easier. Simple integrations can be done in a fast way. It gives our business partners great opportunities to create new solutions and enrich existing ones with new features.


Various capabilities of universal API

The term of universal API can sound enigmatically. What are its capabilities? What can be integrated thanks to it? Endpoints of universal API are so versatile. Let us name a few of them, but the list is definitely longer.


What can we integrate with universal API?

As we have just mentioned, universal API enables fast integration of many platform functionalities. One of endpoints is arranging and managing teleconsultations. Integration takes place at the contact center level. eVisits can be arranged in the same way as stationary ones without the necessity to switch into another system. Our clients have the ability to manage this via API. One of the most often integrated functionality is artificial intelligence. AI can extract symptoms from raw input of the patient, decide if eVisit is reasonable or not and has a module of deepening questions. During the process of arranging teleconsultation, it is also possible to add medical documentation, which can be integrated with partners’ systems. Some clients want to have a possibility to generate and distribute vouchers that allow free teleconsultations. A slightly different endpoint is integration with medical equipment (glucometer, pressure gauge, thermometer etc.). It extends the possibility of diagnostics and facilitates teleconsultation.


Analytical capabilities of the universal API

Each Telemedico’s client receives access to developer panel. This application enables inspecting the number of queries, teleconsultations etc. What is important – from this level there is a possibility to check how many consultations were disconnected or missed by the patients. In developer’s panel there are all logs connected with teleconsultations. Analysing data and creating various reports are also possible from the level of our platform. We provide access to all data that our business partners potentially need.


Interesting integration possibilities using the universal API

Teleconsultations and AI are used mainly by insurance, assistance, medical and pharmaceutical companies. However, we would like to prove that you can successfully implement such service in almost every branch. For instance – even company theoretically unrelated to the medical industry – an agent selling airline tickets – may offer teleconsultation as an additional service. Such service will be complementary to the company’s basic offer and will distinguish it.


The real value of universal API

Universal API brings benefits both to Telemedico and our business partners. It reduces time to market for our ready-made solutions. Moreover, our clients have the opportunity to get new functionalities faster, by the same token to obtain further sources of revenue. Thanks to the universal API, the system integration scope is much larger. It gives more possibilities to create a solution tailored to the clients’ needs.

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