Nowadays, the development of technology supports processes and services we have been using since we only remember. One of them is telemedicine, which gives a brand new perspective on healthcare, allowing remote diagnosis and treatment of patients based on telecommunications technology rather than in person…

What is telemedicine?


Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. It allows healthcare professionals to evaluate and treat patients at a distance. It also improves access to medical services that aren’t constantly available in distant rural communities. Over the years it has gained a lot of popularity and is used in many different medical fields, throughout ambulatory and hospital settings. Telemedicine uses a variety of communication media such as teleconferencing and video conferencing. In the age of smartphones, purchasers express the most interest in this type of technology. If you are interested in telemedicine platform that fit your needs, check our business page.

Advantages of telemedicine and how it’s used in healthcare

The start of telemedicine dates back to the 1960’s, today it is mostly used in medical fields such as dermatology, cardiology and behavioural health. It reduces the costs of treating health conditions and helps underserved communities. Telemedicine is changing views on healthcare and helping thousands of people daily.

Treat more patients

Teleconsultations allows doctors to treat a greater number of patients in a smaller time period. Day-to-day real-life appointments are very time consuming that involve scheduling, billing and planning. Thanks to quick patient treatment more patients are cared for and helped.


Increase revenue

Doctors are able to treat patients everywhere at any time. Telemedicine reduces the number of cancellations and no-shows and pays physicians for every hour they worked. This benefits revenue increase and helps your organization earn more and be more efficient.

Patient satisfaction

Simple access to healthcare allows patients to easily control and manage their conditions. Patients prefer convenience and flexibility. Telemedicine leaves patients feeling more satisfied, studies show that about 67% of patients said that using telemedicine increased their satisfaction with medical care. 


How telemedicine is changing healthcare?

Telemedicine becomes complementary to a stationery healthcare system. A lot of developments in telemedicine stem from patient needs – reducing waiting time, having to go to the care facility, etc. which traditional healthcare systems simply haven’t been able to offer at the same pace.

Online visits

Virtual healthcare is going mainstream. Traditional doctors appointments are difficult to maintain, especially for patients with busy schedules or who live in rural communities. Traditional visits require a lot of planning, follow up care and counselling while telemedicine is quick and easy to control. You can maintain appointments and have easy access to professionals at all times. Providers are trying to make virtuals visits become the norm and have patients using mostly urgent care online.

Faster interventions

With the availability of telemedicine, it is easy to reach remote patients immediately and interact as soon as any problems occur. Physicians are able to verify the safety of medications such as expired pills or control a patient’s situation. Telemonitoring gathers data and checks for potential danger and diagnoses patients. Studies show a 26% decrease in mortality and 20% quicker visits thanks to this system.

Rehab and managing conditions

Patients are able to attend supervised physical rehabilitation and are provided with online resources. They also have to luxury of being able to control and check for any changes in their health and can assist in online education sessions. Recovering from certain diseases has become more comfortable for the patient. Medical costs are very expensive for insurers. Thanks to online consultation many stationary visits can be resolved online, saving up to 50% per consultation.

Migitating costs

Medical costs are very expensive for insurers. Thanks to online consultation many stationary visits can be resolved online, saving up to 50% per consultation.

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