Creating a strong brand is very important these days. This is a fact, confirmed by 89% of marketers, claiming that brand awareness is the most important goal, followed by sales and lead generation.1 What is more, brands that are consistently presented are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility.2 Companies invest a lot of money in books of visual identity, which collect all the images, a colour system, fonts and logo connected with their trademark. A strong brand is a brand well-known by its customers – current and potential ones – as well as other companies from the same industry. Firms strive to make all the marketing materials and websites look consequently. As Telemedico we realise and understand it and in order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer platform in a white label model.

White label – our product with your branding

What does the white label mean in our case? Generally speaking – it is a model in which we provide our telemedical platform tailored to the needs of our business partners, with eVisits delivered by Telemedico doctors as an option. Our developers do everything what is needed to personalize the platform and integrate it with client’s existing IT infrastructure. In other words – we provide all the functionalities of platform and adapt it to partners current branding – visual identity, system requirements etc. As a result patients entering the platform do not feel confused by different logo, colours and graphics. They just see well-known trademark and associate it with convenience, innovations and effectiveness.

White label model – time and costs of the operation

How does the process of integration look like? It is easier and more convenient than anyone could think. In the beginning we provide demo version of our platform. What is important is that it takes us only 1 day and our business partner does not need to install or download anything – login is sufficient. Help of IT department is not required neither. Process of implementation and integration is a little more time-consuming. It takes from a couple of days to several weeks – depends on the model of integration.

schedule demo telemedico

Various options of platform integration

We offer different options. In the basic one everything what is required to arrange teleconsultations is to log in to platform. More advanced options offer integration with platform to various extent – arranging eVisits, AI, teleconsultations etc. Cost of implementation depends on business partner’s requirements and the level of integration with our platform.

White label as Telemedico differentiator

White label model with option of integration with Client’s system and customisation for their individual needs is our differentiator. Our product is the most often chosen by medical and insurance companies that want to provide their patients with teleconsultations and look for business attractive, scaled and process-safe solution. None of the biggest Telemedico’s competitors offers such complex and easily adapted system. What is important – white label is our standard – offered as a part of all integration models. No matter which model you choose, your customers see your brand and your recognition is constantly rising.


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