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Most of our patients state that teleconsultation has solved their problems quicker and more conveniently than a standard visit.

How it works

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Full consultation includes

  • Choice of medical specialty, time of consultation and communication method
  • Individual accounts with safe storage of medical documentation
  • Upload of Patient's medical history (optional)
  • Thorough examination and issue of doctor's recommendation
  • Easy treatment monitoring
  • Diagnostic tests using telemedical devices integrated with Telemedico platform (optional)
  • Possibility of asking doctor one additional question within 24 hours after the consultation
  • Unlimited access to archived documentation
  • Possibility of evaluating consultations and Telemedico services

Do I choose the exact time of the consultation?
Patient chooses a 2 hour interval within which the doctor confirms the exact time of the consultation.
Will doctor call me?
Yes, doctor calls the patient. If chat or video call was chosen the patient needs to sign into patient´s account earlier.
What should I do if I don't have password?
To recover password use the "Forgot password?" option.
Where do I find doctor's recommendations?
Recommendations and other details are available in the consultation ''Archive'' tab after signing in to the patient's account.
Where can I attach a file?
File for the doctor to see can be attached by entering chat from the "Planned" consultations tab. Select the "Enter" button.

We do our best to provide top quality services.
Write to: and tell us how we can improve. We always analyse all suggestions from our Patients in order to improve the quality of our service.

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Symptoms we consult online

Running nose 84% of cases solved online
Cold 71% of cases solved online
Ból gardła
Sore throat 86% of cases solved online
Infekcja układu moczowego
Urinary tract infection 84% of cases solved online
Porady dietetyczne
Dietary advice 93% of cases solved online
Ból głowy / migrena
Headache / migraine 84% of cases solved online
Problemy dermatologiczne
Dermatological problems 91% of cases solved online
Allergy 97% of cases solved online
What not to consult online?

We work with companies offering subscriptions and health insurance.

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We are a healthcare provider.

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Select any doctor from more than a dozen specialties.

Our patients can choose from GPs and pediatricians as well as medical specialists like: endocrinologist, oncologist, dermatologist, etc. Each consultation is carried out online, without queues and long waiting time. If you need to quickly consult a doctor book a teleconsultation today.

MD Anastasiia Pyliavska Internist

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For doctorsBetter access to potential patients and easier communication


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